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Author Topic: Clamper Guided Tour  (Read 2833 times)
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Chapter: Wm. Bull Meek-Morris-Stewart - #10
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« on: February 05, 2013, 09:10:04 AM »

Greetings,my first post.
One of my favorite events was always Malakoff Doins,esp When an Ol' Clamper gave a lecture above the Diggins. He explained who,what,when,where,why. It was great. Can't remember lecturer name,but seem like it was always the same guy. Miss it. Went every year. Made me proud.
Okay,a few years ago (now) a more-or-less personally guided tour took place in Yuba River-Hwy 49 areas. Camptonville,Sierra City,more. Seems like several people volunteered to speak at special places.
It was well announced (in The Rag) by Chptr 10,I couldn't make it and have been kickin myself in the ass ever since. On my Bucket List.
Will it ever happen again?
Did anybody go?
Can anyone find the itinerary?
At this point I'd go by myself if I could find the route.
XNGH Jason Thorn
Grand Noble Recorder / Gold Dust Receiver
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Chapter: Wm. Bull Meek-Morris-Stewart - #10
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... and so recorded!
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2013, 11:58:52 AM »


It sounds like you are talking about our 10-10-10 excursion when we erected 10 plaques. I have an online map of the route and locations which you can access below. We had a great turnout at all stops along the way and it was a party at just about every location along the route.

That event was undertaken because of the amazing confluence to 10's  Grin ... We really haven't talked about doing another one although I'm sure everyone would be game. It took a lot of planning and logistics ans it sure extracted a lot from our gold dust coffers however and we are really just recovering from that whole endeavor financially.

Map of 10/10/10 Plaques

View List of 10/10/10 plaque locations in a larger map
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