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Early WBM-WMS Activities
Submitted By: XNGH Jason Thorn Date: March 09, 2010, 09:16:51 AM Views: 1823

Originally published in the Hewgag Monitor by Tom Barry - February, 1990

This portion of the short history will concern itself with a part of the first year of operation of William Bull Meek - William Morris Stewart, Chapter 10, the newly consolidated group of Clampers in the Grass Valley - Nevada City area. Records for the year 1962 are somewhat incomplete, but here it goes.

March 4th, 1962. Meeting at the Seamen’s Hall in Nevada City. Bob Wyckoff emceed this consolidation party at which the following Officers of the Chapter were elected: Hillis Hubbard - Noble Grand Humbug, Bob Paine - 1st Vice Noble Grand Humbug, Gene Ricker, 2nd Vice Noble Grand Humbug, all of whom were elected by acclamation. Eddie Furano was elected Chief Noble Grand High Constable, and the following Directors were elected: Bob Paine, Jack Brickell, Eddie Chinn, Dr. L.F. Conti, Clyde Moore, Manuel Pelayo, Gene Ricker, Tom Walsh, Bob Wyckoff and O.P. Stewart. Herb Gerrish was then elected Recorder.

Herb Gerrish was a good choice for Recorder, as he had been in close contact with Andy Rogers, and had “inherited” the records (spotty as they were) from Andy. He was well-liked by most everyone, and would do a very thorough and accurate job during his tenure as Recorder.

The final form of the Chapter name was voted on, and the present arrangement was agreed upon. Hillis Hubbard then introduced State Sen. Swift Berry for remarks, who said “Howdy,” and then introduced Archie Stevenot, Sublime Noble Grand Humbug, who assured all present that he would make a report to the Grand Council and was sure there would be no trouble on that end (regarding the issuance of the Charter). He hoped to see all at Murphys on May 26th for the State meeting of ECV.

It was proposed that the new pass over the Sierras be named for the pioneer Elisha Stevens (or Stephens).

A motion was passed unanimously to make Astronaut Col. John H. Glenn a member of the Chapter, and Gerrish was instructed to notify him by Wire (telegram).

Members sat down for a Beef and Macaroni feed for $2.00, put on by Frank Gallino and Charlie Kitts, both of whom were Nevada County officials: Gallino being the Undersheriff, and Kitts being the Tax Assessor. Free beer was provided and Shots were 3 tickets for a buck.

On March 16th, 1962, the Board of Directors met at Ricker’s (Pete’s) Cafe in Nevada City. A financial report was given by GDR Furano. He was not sure, but estimated that about $90.00 was in the bank. A report of supplies on hand was given, and the membership was reported to be 740 members of the combined chapters, “all active so far as we can tell at present.”

The date for the first, or Charter, Party was set for May 5th, which would be a pit barbecue at Lion’s Lake in Grass Valley. Price was discussed. “Is $5.00 too much?” A unanimous NO. Other points of interest: No beer on the truck. Free dinners for any ECV who brought in 5 PBCs. All members to be notified they were entitled to Charter Member Certificates and cards upon their request.

March 23rd, 1962 at the Bank Club. At this meeting it was discovered that the old practice of having only 8 directors would not work. (A quorum was not present.) The following were taken as Directors Pro-tem and would be ratified legally later: Avin Hill, Scott Barrow, Don Breuer, Pete Ingram, Chas. Kitts, Jim Harding, Bob Winkle, Dave Durand and Chas. Allert. More business about the May 5th Clampbake was discussed.

Charlie Kitts reported on the plight of the Boy Scouts in the area. They were about to lose their Charter for lack of funds. Downey Clinch of Alpha had a couple of friends, one from Knott’s Berry Farm and one from Disneyland who would fly up with $500 each and join the Clampers. Kitts suggested that the Chapter have a breakfast in Grass Valley and Nevada City for the benefit of the Scouts.

March 30th, 1962, at the Bank Club in Nevada City. A Clamper Band was being organized by Max Schnaus. The Ritual Team, headed by Harold Berliner, Nevada County District Attorney, was to meet and discuss the initiation at the May Party, now called the Cinco de Mayo function. A motion was made, seconded and passed that “the Ritual should be conducted in COMPLETE silence, that is to say without interference from the membership.” (Ed. note: Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?)

A further report on the Scout Breakfast(s), April 11th, in both Nevada City and Grass Valley, from 6-10 am. G.V. Lions will cook, Boy Scouts will serve. Scouts can not sell tickets, but the tickets will be available to all service clubs in the area. After new Director Dave Durand came in late, Wyckoff moved that the demolition of Clamper hats be abolished. (Such as blowing to hell with guns, etc. This was Durand‘s “trademark,” as many a Clamper hat present showed the after-effects of such abuse.)
The two aforementioned members from “down below” would fly up, but wanted no publicity. $500 a piece would be used to buy equipment for Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital.

A question arose about the Scout fund raising. “Is ECV backing the entire $3200 for the Boy Scouts for one year?” Ingram - Yes, Hubbard - No, just till April 15th and immediate need. We can’t afford to raise the entire $3200.
When visiting the bank to check on our money, GDR Eddie Furano was told that the Chapter had $1800 in the account. Furano damn near passed out, but upon recheck, it was revealed to be in actuality $61.47.

Two more Director’s meetings were held before the May 5th, 1962 party. They were mostly taken up with details of who was to do what, by when, and where, for how much. Shirts and hats were to be available for sale. One important note: the noose was not to be used on PBCs in the parade; they were only to hang on to it. This is a safety measure. District Attorney Harold Berliner resigned as Master of Initiation Ceremonies and was replaced by Danny Pello.

We will end here for this time, and still invite some of you old Clampers who lived this part of our history to write to the Recorder with any old reminiscences you may have. We also could use actual flyers, buttons, etc. from the old days of the Chapter.

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